Azure Functions For DevOps Engineers

Learn how to use serverless functions and PowerShell to build, manage, and deploy your own event-driven solutions in the Azure cloud.


This course has been written with the background of the IT Practitioner / DevOps Engineer in mind and focuses on building event-driven automation with PowerShell based serverless functions.

Your Instructor

Matt Allford

IT Professional with a 10 years of experience in administration, architecture and design, with a focus on cloud and automation.

Course Outline

This self-paced training course covers what you need to know to develop your own event-driven solutions with PowerShell and serverless functions.

Module 1: Introduction to Azure Functions

  • What is Serverless?
  • What are Functions?
  • Key Features of Functions
  • Supported Languages in Azure Functions
  • Function Scale and Hosting

Module 2: Getting Started with Azure Functions

  • Azure Functions Topology
  • Creating a Function App
  • Deploying and Reviewing App Structure
  • Reviewing and Running a Function

Module 3: Azure Functions Triggers and Bindings

  • Understanding Triggers and Bindings
  • Building an Event Based Function
  • Working with Triggers and Bindings
  • Outputting Data From a PowerShell Function

Module 4: Azure Functions Settings

  • Understanding Function Authentication and Keys
  • Exploring Function Configuration
  • Configuring Custom Domains
  • Configuring Managed Identity
  • Integrating Functions with Azure Key Vault
  • Function Networking Overview
  • Integration with Azure Front Door
  • Configuring Network Access Restrictions
  • Understanding Hybrid Connections
  • Configuring VNET Connectivity
  • Configuring Private Endpoint

Module 5: Azure Functions Monitoring

  • Configuring Application Insights
  • Log Streaming and Live Metrics
  • Function App Diagnostic Logging
  • Function App Metrics
  • Function App Alerts

Module 6: Azure Functions Development and Deployment

  • Azure Functions PowerShell Module
  • Azure Functions Core Tools
  • Using Visual Studio Code with Azure Functions
  • Azure Functions App Deployment Slots
  • Azure Functions Deployment Center
  • CI/CD for Azure Functions with Azure DevOps

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anybody working in the IT industry who wants to build event-driven solutions with PowerShell and Serverless Azure Functions. You don't have to be an Azure expert, but a general understanding of VMs, storage, and basic networking would help.

No this course is aimed at beginners regardless of whether you come from an "ops" or "dev" background. We'll show you how to start writing serverless functions with PowerShell from scratch. If you don't have PowerShell experience, don't worry, you'll also get access to our Azure PowerShell beginners course.

Yes, anyone who enrolls in this course gets LIFETIME access to all the videos and updates, including some special bonuses!

Yes, we can issue you a certificate of completion after you complete the course. It will be sharable and verifiable online and you have the option to print your own copy.

Enrollment includes lifetime access to this course + updates.

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