become Ansible Workshop

Become proficient with executing Ansible commands, developing playbooks, managing variables, and creating inventories in this online course.

This self-paced on-demand course will show you exactly what you need to know to hit the ground running with Ansible,  based on the new book 'become Ansible' by author Josh Duffney.

Your Instructors

Josh Duffney

Author of become Ansible, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at StackOverflow, Pluralsight Author

Mike Pfeiffer

Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author, ex-AWS cloud solutions architect, host of podcast

Course Outline

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Module 1: Ansible Development with Containers

  • Learn how to build docker images and establish a workflow for using containers to develop Ansible code. You'll understand the process of installing, building, and using Ansible from inside a docker container.

Module 2: Deploy an Ansible Dev Environment

  • Learn how to deploy a Windows and Linux virtual machine to Azure using Ansible. You'll discover the process of creating an Azure service principal to be used to authenticate to Azure from Ansible, how to use Ansible to deploy a Windows 2019 and CentOS 8 virtual machine, and how you can leverage existing Azure extensions to provision the virtual machines for remote management with Ansible.

Module 3: Starting at the Source

  • Learn the foundations of to Git for storing Ansible code. You'll see how to create a Github repository for Ansible code, and how to use git commands to add, commit, and push example code to the repository.

Module 4: Use ad-hoc Ansible Commands

  • Learn how to run Ansible ad-hoc commands. Understand the benefits of idempotent operations. And when ad-hoc commands are most useful. Watch ad-hoc commands against localhost and remote hosts, and perform basic operations such as ping, file copy, file manipulation, and task debugging.

Module 5: What is Repeated is a Playbook

  • Make Ansible automation repeatable with Playbooks and learn the basics of Ansible playbook language. Discover how to build repeatable Ansible automation by converting ad-hoc tasks to playbooks Author playbooks to configure an Nginx and IIS web server, and run the playbooks to configure the remote hosts.

Module 6: Take Inventory of the Infrastructure

  • Learn how to use Ansible inventories to store host lists and groups. See how you can create Ansible ini and yml inventory files to list hosts and define group memberships. Use Ansible inventories while running playbooks to reduce the complexity and simplify the execution experience.

Module 7: Making Reusable Configurations

  • Learn how to combine playbooks to create a site configuration, create non-galaxy and galaxy roles to install Chocolatey for Business, and how to use a Github repository to store the galaxy role and use release tags to version lock the configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No this course is aimed at beginners regardless of whether you come from an "ops" or "dev" background. We'll show you how to start writing Ansible code from scratch.

We are HUGE believers in the benefits of hands-on practice, however, having an Azure subscription is not a requirement for this event.

Yes, anyone who enrolls in this LIVE workshops gets LIFETIME access to all the videos and updates, including some special bonuses!

Yes, we'll issue you a certificate of completion after the LIVE event. It will be sharable and verifiable online and you have the option to print your own copy.

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